Putting health first

I just had some interesting insight and I’d love to get feedback. I decided that if I am someone who puts her health first, then that would be the first thing I put on my calendar this week using Sunday Hour One. So I prioritized sleep, meal prep, regular meal times, and exercise. And then I basically ignored the whole plan this week. BTW – this never happens with my work calendar, I seem to be able to do whatever the calendar says without too much resistance. So today I did a thought download and realized I don’t actually believe that my health comes first, I believe it SHOULD come first. It seems like a subtle distinction but I think this is holding me back. Or maybe I thought that putting health related stuff on the calendar first was enough. Anyway, I’m trying on some bridge thoughts like: I’m learning how to put my health first. Or maybe: I can choose to put my health first. Or maybe I’m on the wrong track and these types of thoughts aren’t generating emotion that drives me to take action. Any advice or comments would be appreciated. Thank you.

Am I on the right track here?