Putting Higher $ Goal In Result Line

My husband and I are photographers and also own an Airbnb. We’ve never made more than $150,000 in a year but this year I want to challenge our R to be higher and change my thinking to help achieve it. Previously I’ve always thought we were limited in how much we could bring in because weddings are our big ticket item and we can only book so many without feeling like we are burning ourselves out (which i know is also caused by the limiting thought that too many weddings will overwhelm me- I could choose a thought of more weddings could allow us to outsource more! Can you help with the model?

C: income/money

T: I am open to making more money in new ways I haven’t thought of yet

F: excited and confident

A: saying yes to unexpected jobs that come in, raising prices, selling products, exploring other possible avenues

R: Bring in $200,000 this year!