Putting other people out

Switching to no sugar or flour isn’t a problem when I cook for myself or even when I go out to eat with friends or family. I am having a lot of thoughts however when it comes to going over to peoples homes for dinner where they have made me dinner and dessert that includes food off my protocol and I don’t want to allow a joy eat.

C: dinner at in laws home, food off protocol is prepared
T: I should eat this, if I don’t they will be put out finding something else for me to eat
F: guilty
A: eat what they’ve prepared
R: off track to achieving my goal of losing weight

New model
C: same
T: what I eat matters, my goals matter, I am choosing to allow discomfort
F: confidence
A: sip water at dinner, fast
R: stay on protocol

So I like my second model and I can believe it. I am allowing myself to still feel the guilt as I remind myself of my new model.