PYSB $10K year end goal reached today!

Wow – w/ my son visiting dad & stepmother in Santa Cruz mountains. My stepmother handed me a 1K check yesterday & then my dad walked out tonight w/ a check for 9K & said:’ Didn’t you say your goal was 10K?’ Speechless, touched – that gesture priceless.

Had to share!

Will do thought download work on thoughts/feelings around PYSB fundraiser in October. I am telling myself I don’t like to public speak, but that’s not true. Wonder why I am choosing to make this so complicated in my head? Who to invite? Program to design? What to say? This is my thang! It’s a conversation really …

Productivity Goal – to create more opportunities to public speak before this evening, so that I am so comfortable?
Productivity Goal – finish manual for PYSB volunteers & instructors w/ History of incarceration in U.S. & SBCJ, Protocol for clearance, class samples w/ sample sequencing templates, Why Yoga handout, languaging….

Lots of Love, Ginny