Question about closure

Hi Brooke,
I recently had a friend just stop being my friend. She just stopped replying to my texts and calls with no explanation at all. This creates confusion for me and I find myself wondering if I did something to upset her (or made her have thoughts about me that upset her). The only thing I can think of is that she asked when we can get together (she lives about 4 hours away) and I let her know this month is really full for me. I’ve done several models to work through this and I have trouble finding closure and wonder what happened. Here is an example:
C- M no communication
T- Real friends don’t just disappear without communicating
F- Confused
A- Do models on my thoughts, post in here, “allow” the friendship to be over
R-Acceptance (is the goal – don’t think I’m there yet)

Can you assist with some thoughts that can help me deal with having no closure and accept the reality that the friendship is over?
Thank you!