Question on allowed urges and drinking plan.

Hello Brook,

I joined the program in October and started following the drinking plan this week. I can honestly say I have reduced the number of drinks per night however, I cheated or modified my plan. While listening to the recordings I was happy to not feel quite so alone in the number of drinks I would have at night after work. I am, for the most part, a 3+ glasses/night kind of gal that really finishes the bottle because really whats the point of leaving so little in the bottle. Sometimes I would throw it out just to make myself feel less quilty. Anyway, my first question is can I include allowed urges on my drink days when I try and extend the time in which I start to drink? For example, I get home at 5pm. Get super anxious about not having a drink (while getting dinner started, cleaning up the kitchen, listening to my teenagers whine, all triggers,) but do not want to start yet because I would rather leave my allowed glasses for later on. Even though I’m going to be drinking later. Also, questions 5 and 6 of the drink plan… because I’m making the plan 24 hours in advance do I “predict” how I’m going to feel before, during and after or do I sort of basically wright down how I WANT to be feeling?

I’m hoping to join my first call on the 16th pending my schedule at work. Thanks for all the advice.