Question on crying/ processing pain

First off- excellent video call.

It helped me tremendously. Thank you to the brave scholar for stepping up, and thank you for coaching her.

Watching this made me realize that I am very similar with the whole crying ordeal. I cry a lot. Which leads to extreme amounts of embarrassment. It’s almost as if I get this flashback of me crying in class as a kid and getting made fun of for it. Therefore, I shame myself because of it.

I have not requested to be coached due to this. However, I want to get to a point where I can process all of my pain before I get coached by you so then I can get to the root of my problems easier.

Can you give me some tips on how I can process my pain?

I realize this sounds very broad, but even when I’m alone I feel shameful about crying.

Here is my thought on ME crying alone.
C: me crying alone
T: seriously? If my life really this damn bad? I need to suck it up.
F: shame
A: don’t cry, distract myself, buffer and other bad disconnecting things
R: I get even further away from myself.

After watching your coaching call I’ve realized that I need to cry.

Like a lot.

In order to heal, this must take place for me.

Thank you so much