Creating money with my brain

Hi Brooke

In the money course, you teach that all we need to do make more money is to use our brains. I intellectually understood it but didn’t truly believe it until what has unfolded over the last couple of weeks. I want to share what’s happened with you and say thank you for the powerful work you share in SCS. Life-changing.

In one of your money bonus calls, you suggested that we set our brains to work by coming up with 50 ideas to create money. I got out my journal and wrote down every way I could think of to make more money, desirable or not. Nothing was off limits. As soon as I began writing, I realised there were heaps of ways I could make money that I’d never even realised (even though I’d thought about it quite a lot in my head). After about 5 minutes, my brain came up with the idea of doing freelance writing. Hey, that’s actually a pretty good idea. I’m a blogger. I could actually do that.

A few days later, I was sharing my idea with a friend and realised it would be even easier to do Pinterest consulting. I’d noticed in one of the large Australian business groups I’m in on Facebook that there’s a lot of discussion about Facebook and Instagram marketing, but no one is talking about Pinterest. I’ve also had a few coffees with business owners recently and was shocked to hear they weren’t on Pinterest. I thought everyone already knew it’s an amazing way to get traffic!

To validate my idea, I posted in that Facebook group (approx 60k people) the next morning explaining why Pinterest is AMAZING for marketing (by sharing my results and experience) and offering a Pinterest makeover to anyone interested. I then said that, if they loved their makeover, we could talk about my Pinterest packages (yet to be created but I didn’t mention that part). This was results ahead of time as you taught in your Entrepreneur course.

I thought only 5 people would reply but nearly 300 people sent me there email address to get a free makeover over the following 72 hours. Not having the capacity to do 300 makeovers but still wanting to give results ahead of time, I decided to create a video teaching them how to do a DIY makeover. I created the 30 minute video the next day, embedded it on a page of my blog and emailed every person individually with the link to the workshop as well as a free guide to accompany it. I think this was even better than my initial offer.

Less than two weeks after my initial brainstorm, I have a new client for $3,000 and dozens more who have emailed me to find out more about my services.


This experience has expanded my beliefs about what’s possible for me, the power of my brain and the power of taking action without knowing exactly what to do next.

Thank you Brooke! xx