Question about how to make a story truly good….

I’ve been doing the homework for the month and am trying to figure out a way to reframe my bingeing issues. I have been doing the work on the protocol for several months……and have lost 30 pounds over the last 5 months. But lately have noticed I’m choosing to eat peanut butter M&M’s again which are definitely not in my protocol! So, for the homework under “what wasn’t great about yesterday and how can you change it in your mind to make it great?” I want to say eating M&M’s wasn’t great. I’m trying to find a change to make it great….Saying something like “I chose to eat M&M’s and enjoyed every delicious bite” feels a little bit like lying to myself. I may have enjoyed the first couple handfuls….then mindlessly ate the rest while I was driving to pick up my daughter.

How do you suggest I reframe this kind of thing?

Thanks so much for all the great work you do!