question on week one – and repeating it

I have done the week one exercise. On page 16, it says that I can repeat this exercise as often as needed until I start knowing my own story and releasing the old one. Do I just do this same exercise again every day? or do I choose this as my week 2 event? Or do a choose a different event in week 2?

here is my exercise
1. significant thing – Being let go from my position of procurement specialist in January of 2018. It was after a buy out and merger.

2. current story – that it was the right thing for what I needed at the time. That it sucked, and I was upset, but I have accepted it as I try to always look for the “silver lining” and something good will come of it. I’m still playing the victim her a bit. I’m still a bit mad at the new parent company – for breaking the system that worked, even though I really enjoyed fixing it, but it was very stressful as I was trying to recover from postpartum anxiety at the time.

3 the facts – Friday afternoon meeting. Me. senior manager from parent company. local hr manager. “due to a change in direction, your position is being eliminated, effective immediately”. I can’t remember the exact words, but they were something like this. They also stressed that it wasn’t due to my performance. offered redundancy package.

4. the story I want to tell. – it was necessary and the best thing for me at the time. it allowed me to rest, recuperate and also grieve and then realize I’ll be okay. My husband was supportive through this. In the longer term, it was necessary for me to get to a place where I could
*start a business
*learn about running my own business
*practice having the courage to build and present my own content
*step up my employment career (job) up to the next level – (am looking at returning to full time work – and just listened to the 1st money call yesterday and the re-frame around being halfway there to the earning goal with a full time job was mind blowing – thanks!)

5. keep and let go
Keep. Local HR manager valued my contributions and went to bat for me to get the highest, manager level, redundancy package. Lots of people communicated to me how much of a valuable positive impact I had made in their ability to do their job.

Let go of. The thought that it felt like the senior leadership team didn’t value my contribution.

Also I’m still angry at them for making it such a secret thing. They didn’t announce it and didn’t allow me to contact anyone to let them know what was going on. I hope no one thought I got fired for doing something wrong. I miss the friendships I made there.

How do I keep re-writing this story? It does feel like I need to do several iterations, almost with a few neutral thoughts in there. thanks.