Questions about modeling an intentional model based upon Monday Hour One.

I recently listened to the latest Monday Hour 1 Call with Jenn and she suggested that we practice the following thought: “I know how long my tasks will take.” This resonated with me because I have struggled with the thought of not knowing how long a task will take as my few attempts at Monday Hour One got bogged down with tasks that I allowed to (or did) take much longer than I thought. I tried to do a model and got hung upon between the circumstance and the result with I start with that thought. Here is my model:

C:I follow Monday Hour One.
T: I know exactly how long my tasks will take. (I started here)
F: Resolute
A: I schedule tasks; plan in advance; more work in less time;
R: I follow Monday Hour One.

I think I have my C incorrect? I appreciate the help!