Questions about my protocol- protein portions

I started IF just over 3 weeks ago, and I’m feeling great. Was shocked at how easy it was to go until lunchtime without feeling hungry, once I could distinguish true hunger versus emotional triggers, and I’ve gotten rid of annoying stomach bloating and pains. I was never that into sweets, so I’ve also been no sugar/flour since I started. Right now, my protocol has been lunch (4 oz protein + 3 oz cooked veggies and 5oz salad) around 12-2, and then dinner (same thing) around 5-7- so a 5 hour eating window, depending on my work schedule and my toddler. My questions are:
1) I don’t drink coffee but I love black tea, and I drink a few cups throughout the day. Does putting skim milk in my tea ‘break the fast’? I know that you say that having cream in coffee in the mornings doesn’t spike insulin for most people, but I am assuming that skim milk is another beast. I don’t like full fat dairy products (with the exception of some cheeses) and only use the milk to cut the acid. If skim milk is a no go, do you have any other suggestions? Herbal tea? : )
2) I have been eating ground turkey with pesto as least once a day for my protein (YUM!), and then I try to mix up the other protein source, but I’m getting confused on portions. For example: 2 eggs + 1 oz goats cheese – is this roughly 4 oz protein? Or should I have 2 eggs OR 2 oz goats cheese? In the stop overeating workbook, there are suggested servings for protein, so I’m assuming each suggestion would be for one meal. Is that correct?
3) If I use cheese in my meal, is that protein or fat? I’m guessing protein, since it’s listed there in the workbook, but just want to double check.
4) I want to use wine as a ‘joy eat’; do you measure one ‘glass’ as 5oz? Or? My mind is playing games with me here.
5) I’m working on several things at the moment, so when I’m listing my 100 urges, should I lump them together (food, wine, other buffer), or do they all go in one list? Some of them are a bitch, but definitely getting better at recognizing and sitting with them!!

Thank you!! You are a gift! xoxo