I’m doing the January podcast homework and I have a question about quitting. Does quitting always have to slow us down, like podcast #147 is titled? I recently quit a job after 1.5yrs, and also had 4 previous jobs ( 2 of them I consider careers) where I quit after 7 years, 1.5 years, 8 years, and then 1.5 years. When I resigned at one of them I was told that I “give up too easily” and that did stick in my mind a bit but I chose not to hold on to that belief ( the podcast made me take it up again). I can justify every “quit” I’ve had and be happy knowing I learned from each of them, and I followed my inner voice that said it was time to go. The shorter term jobs were ones that sought me and I end up leaving because it isn’t work I was passionate about and it disrupted the balance in my home life that I enjoy so. I can look at it in a positive way and I can also look at it in a negative way when I hear some of your points made about quitting. Is this something I should keep doing models about and TDL to get at the root to see if I am cutting myself short in next jobs? I am loving being a stay at home, caring for my aging parents, doing SCS and preparing for Life Coach Certification one day. That’s a next career I’ll have to not quit! Thanks in advance.