When thought downloads hold negative thoughts about several different topics

I have read all of the recent questions about thought downloads in an attempt to clarify them for myself, but I still have one question. How do you deal with thought dowloads that hold thoughts about several different topics that are all equally important?

My impossible goal is weight loss, but I know that the reason I binge eat is because of thoughts I’m having about marriage and work. So when I do a thought download, I end up with thoughts that create terrible feelings about all three – my weight/binging, my marriage, and my work.

I’ve been here long enough to know that you are going to probably say I get to choose what to work on, and I thought I had (weight loss). But my thoughts about one thing lead to thoughts about another thing and then I’m sitting in a really thick anxiety soup and tell myself I don’t know what to focus on, which creates more anxiety…you get the picture.

I appreciate any advice. Thank you!