Re: Aging question

Hi Brooke,

I was surprised at your response to the young woman who noticed that she looks older in the past year (I think she is 33). It sounded to me as if you bought into her thought that it is ick to get/look older.
If other thoughts didn’t land for her, you said: “Accept the ick. It’s really not ok, and that’s ok.” I question your thought that “it’s really not okay.” Maybe I am misunderstanding, too.

I remember in the past you commenting about men (Chris) looking better at 50. It caught my attention at the time because I thought it was kind of an odd thought. Like women shrivel after 40?)

Given the experience of 65 years on the planet, I have some experience observing women (and men) as we age (as opposed to being dead) and encourage y’all to take a look at “accepting the ick. It’s really not okay.” This is in my view a toxic belief that will make life scarcer (and scarier). Maybe the thought to look at and ladder is: “Younger appearance is better.” Why not look seasoned? Is that an American cultural poison? I got a flirt thumbs up on the bike trail yesterday, don’t wear makeup, and have never had “work” done.

Just thinking out loud. Off my soapbox for the moment. 🙂