Really, just by changing your thoughts you can be happy?

First off I do want to say, thank you so much for all the work you do. You are truly amazing! Everything you say is so “mind blowing” and I love it. It gives me so much HOPE that I can actually become the person that I was/is meant to be. However, there is one area in my life that I struggle to see or believe that by changing my thoughts will make me happy. I can not see it. All my life I have dreamed and wanted children in my life. Before I got married I expressed to my soon to be husband the importance of children/family to me and wanted to also know his thoughts as well before getting married. He was on board and expressed to me that he wanted children. We got married and I was so ready to start my family. He was not ready and didn’t want children right away. He explained his reasons why he didn’t want children right away and asked me to please give him time before starting a family. However, I was so ready and wanted to start, but I understood and decided that I would wait for him to be ready to start a family. Every two year mark of our passing marriage, I would ask him if he was ready and he would said no. Nine years had passed and finally, one day I asked him to please be honest and tell me if he still wanted children and he said no. He told me that he changed his mind and does not want any children EVER. I felt so heartbroken and couldn’t believe it. Here I am 7 years later since he told me he didn’t want any children and find it so hard to deal with it. I decided three years ago, that I would look at my life and try and be happy. Do all the things that make me happy, like take classes I enjoy, travel, do learn new things, etc. But I can not get out of my mind that I will not be a mother. I have cried almost everyday for the last ten years, that is not how life should be. A few months ago I have accepted that my husband is just doing what makes him happy. If not having children makes him happy, I am okay with that. That’s his decision and applaud him for going after what he wants. However, I want that happiness. I have no idea how changing my thoughts of wanting a baby and my husband not wanting one is going to make me happy. Maybe I am missing something here, I mean, after all, I only know what I know, right. So, I ask, please by pointing me to the right direction on how I can do a model on this. Thank you so much!!!