Do I really have to pick just 1??

Hey Brooke, I am struggling with this area of constraint and would appreciate any thoughts and or suggestions you may have. I have 2 major things that need my attention right now. I need to lose weight (over 100 lbs) and just found out that I am in the prediabetic phase so it IS pretty urgent. I also need to get my coaching business off the ground and as my ex hasn’t paid child support and alimony for the last 2 months and my savings is dwindling quickly which I also see as equally urgent.

What do you do when you have 2 things that need to be done that seem of equal importance (health vs $ to pay bills) and your idea of constraining to just pick 1 thing to focus on? I am having a hard time seeing the bigger picture and which one to pick OR if I can do Both? My thoughts are that I can’t work if I’m not healthy, but if I’m not working & not getting child support, I can’t pay the bills for medication that I might need (but want to avoid). This is my thought loop. Any help in clarifying how you would handle 2 seemingly “equally important and urgent” goals would be greatly appreciated!