Reassurance vs Self Confidence

Hi Brooke,
I have also just started listening and working through your how to be a Life Coach podcasts (which FYI are so amazing and the Universe has placed them recently in my life at the EXACT perfect moment considering I never knew about them even though I am an avid listener of your LCS podcast).

I am currently working through the steps you provided that are helping me to determine my Target Market and realise I have no self confidence with the “answers” I have come up with to each of your three steps. I realise I seek reassurance by talking through my problems/issues with other people (i.e. I really want to show you/someone what I have come up with for the 3 steps to defining my Target market to see if I’m on track) but my issue here is that I’m doubting myself I suppose and how do I make a decision confidently without needing the reassurance of others??

It’s ironic because the problem I have described in Step 2 is “Don’t know how to make decisions in life because of fear (failure / regret) and feeling like no matter what you do nothing seemed to work”. How can I help other people be confident and concious with their life choices when I need reassurance myself?