Recognizing “I hate everything” thought

I’m realizing one of my recurring and dangerous thoughts is “I hate everything.” It comes when I’m tired, overcommitted, sick, and out of energy. And I’ve become aware that it is so powerful that it can derail anything I’ve been doing well with (protocol, honoring commitments to myself, etc.) because the feeling it generates is defeated/I don’t care/who cares/whatever. And with that feeling I can easily down a box of ice cream sandwiches, ignore my to do list, etc.

I’m looking for help with some ladder thoughts. I don’t actually hate everything! But this is an ingrained thought pattern I’d like to change. Here is an example model:

C business funding uncertainty at Christmas
T I hate everything
F defeated
A buffer w food
R feel gross, gain weight

The R proves the T here!

C: same
T: ?
F: determined, accepting
A: stick with protocol, self care
R: feel better and handle my obligations, stick to my protocol