I have recovered from an 18 yr eating disorder from when I was 16 years old.

I am your biggest fan way over here in New Zealand! 🙂
I have recovered from an 18 yr eating disorder from when I was 16 years old 3 months ago with the help of your tools, especially the overeating & overdrinking courses (which I found so perfect even though it wasn’t ‘targeted’ to my specific issue, it’s all the same because it’s the BRAIN that needs retraining!!
So now in my recovery journey, I have many MANY ideas for things I want to create! My skillset, experience and passions are varied, and as such, I want to create a few stand alone businesses as they relate to quite different things. One being my recovery story which won’t happen for another year as I am still in recovery and am not ready for that yet. Another being my passion of running & mums, and empowerment and motivation.
And another being coaching women to understand finance & accounting in really basic terms so they can run their own small businesses & provide HUGE value of all sorts of business advice and tools I have learnt in my 15 years in finance/accounting across many industries, working with many owners.

At the same time I have a 4-day a week fairly full on contract with a company that is extremely exciting and challenging, and a baby who has just turned 1 and in daycare 4days/wk, my partner who travels for work and an 11yr old son who is very anxious and emotional (we are both working on this a LOT he goes to a course each week and we work through tough situations now with the tools he and I have both learnt and have made great gains!)

It’s not that I “don’t know” what to do – I want to know how I DECIDE to pick one, or if attempting to do it all is setting myself up for failure ‘ahead of time’ as I have previously done for 18 years and I WAS very good at this!

I have listened and read all your podcasts on CONSTRAINT and just launching B MINUS work so it’s out there, to move forward, which I really resonate with. I have also just hired a house cleaner and a part-time admin support for a couple of hours a week to help with menial easy tasks for me so I can focus on growing my business and doing the harder, crucial, big picture stuff, so this is already making a big difference.

How do you suggest I allocate my time each week without taking over my life (at the cost of my relationships with my partner and children) and do you recommend any tools or podcasts/quizzes, or articles that can help me to clarify my 5yr / 10 year goal, to work back, and understand how I need to implement this now?
What do I tackle first???
AND HOW DO I MODEL THIS TO GET SPECIFIC? As opposed to what do I want my ‘R’ line to be, and my ACTIONS could be sooooo many.

I know I am on an AMAZING path, and yes the ‘overwhelm’ is a cause of my To Do list not being ‘Calendar’d’ properly! (that’s definitely not a word!) and my thoughts around my many ideas and excitement of recovery and almost making up for lost time!
I’m 34 years old and I am just starting to live, I know I have SOOOOOO much more time to develop, grow and build businesses, but I would like some guidance on how to determine my first business venture and constrain my mind & focus to just one.

Donna, your biggest Kiwi enthusiast! 🙂