Reflecting on “How to Get it Done”.

Hi Brooke,

As I am wrapping up “How to Get it Done” what I would like to do is look back on the last 30 days and reflect on the process of obtaining that goal: what worked, what didn’t work, etc.

Do you have any questions or tips on how to reflect and review the process? I think achieving your goal is an amazing thing to give yourself but the process does so much more for me. I don’t feel like the same person and I want to see if there are ways I can either measure or assess myself from a watcher standpoint to improve for the next round of goals I want to set. In addition, what do you do after you’ve set a goal, calendar it in and achieved or not achieved it? What’s your review process like? Do you go through identifying the areas of improvement and areas of win and celebrate? I would love to know how you close out on your goals.

I think this is the cherry on top for September that’s missing for me before closing it out and getting ready for October.