Relationship With Boyfriend’s Daughter

Here is my unintentional model
C: boyfriend’s 5 year old daughter
T: I never have alone time with my boyfriend when I go see him. She always wants him to hug on her and not be with me.
F: I feel jealous
A: not connecting with them they way I want to
R: not being myself, all in my head

C:boyfriend’s 5 year old daughter
T: I only get to see him on the weekends and when I do I go to his place, anytime he shows me affection she calls him to give her hugs and to stay with her.
F: hurt
A: not being honest with my feeling because I don’t want to cause trouble.
R: not being myself

How do I go about not feeling jealous and letting him know how I feel? I love them both, but at times I am stand-offish because she isn’t mine but I try to treat her as my own.

I’m unsure on how to handle this.
I feel we need quality time as a couple, I just don’t want to overstep.