Relationship with mom

Hi Brooke, I’m working on the relationship with my mom and I’m wondering if I am understanding the questions correctly. The first question is How do you want to think about them (my mom) in this relationship? Is it acceptable to just think She’s my mom and she loves me the best that she can? I am conflicted with this. I want to think she is awesome, but then I feel like I would be telling myself a lie. (Maybe use the ladder here?) Maybe she is awesome but to me, her actions and what she does is not. For example, if she talks someone’s ear off or my ear off. Is this how I just think about it? What if others say she talks alot? Is that just their perception as well? Is their a way to think she’s awesome outside of her actions? What if I do think that but people confront me on it trying to say she’s not?

The next question is How do you want to define and think about your relationship together? The only thing I could come up with is loving. I want to say supportive, but from my perspective she hasn’t been there for me. Again is this my just my thoughts? Can I somehow prove she been supportive in her own way, it’s just not how support looks to me?