Reliant vs. Needy

Please help with a more empowering intentional model?

C – I rely on others
T – This makes me needy
F – Fooled, duped, repeating child trauma/abandonment- no one helps me, angry, sad, lost
A- Blame others, blame self
R – Don’t ask for help, feel alone sitting there in freeze mode, aggressively demand people help me from a panicked urgent tone, continue old belief “no one is helping me” while evidence shows I’m being helped (tricked, duped)

C – I rely on others
T – There is an amazing work partnership in my future (with myself, God or another)…why so alone?
F – The right person finds me/I find me
A – Schedule calls with people to connect and create
R – Take time to feel what I feel and process, pray, change self to “be the change” = acceptance?