Repetitive model outcomes

Im currently working on “Feeling Better”.
I do my thought downloads and then the model but Im finding that my results and circumstance are staying the same. Im doing something wrong or not digging deep enough.
I just recently received my certification for Health Coaching. (Yeah…I know. Wish I had discovered The Life Coach School first)
I have a whole rant about this course but Ill save that for a coaching call. I am discovering since signing on with SCS that a lot of my disappointment in the course I took could be or is due to my own issues.
Anyway….Ill stay on topic with my model problems.
Ill share a few examples of what Ive done. What am I doing wrong??
My issues all really stem from my insecurities which I have many! I have my certificate and now I need to get out there and start my new Career as a Coach! Yikes! Im feeling pressured because my bf is excited for me and really wants to see me get out of my current career which is a baker/cake decorator. (Its been a toll on me physically after doing this for 24 years) I can’t use “when Im done my course” as an excuse to not put myself out there any more because….”Im done the course”…lol
Im shy, and so obviously an introvert too. Im dealing with brain-fog and have for years.(through research Ive discovered a few reasons why I have this and have made some dietary changes which have helped a lot but still not comepletely gone) Im 52 years old and use this as an excuse as to why change is hard. I kinda beat myself up a lot with the whole thing of being 52 and I feel like I should have my shit together more and I feel like its somewhat childish to still have these insecurities.
Well heres my model
C-Im not coaching
T-Im not ready.
F-I feel inadequate. Im not smart enough.
A-I take passive action vs massive action
R-No progress

C-No Business launch
T-No one will take me seriously. Ive made lots of stupid life mistakes and people will just think this is another one of Sandys dumb decisions.
F-disappointment, insecure
A-Stay quiet. Keep procrastinating.
R-Still holding on to my dead end unfulfilling job.

C-Ken (my bf) wants me to quit my job and get coaching
T-Im glad I have his support but I wish he wouldn’t pressure me.
F-pressure worried scared
A-Constantly make excuses.
R-Haven’t quit my job and haven’t launched my business

So theres 3.
Am I doing this correctly? I feel like all my thought downloads every day seem the same and the models don’t change.
Looking forward to your reply
Thanks so much,