REPLY To Set Boundary Or Change Thinking

Thank you so much for walking me through this. It definitely helped!

BUT I had shared the information with my husband and he was very resistant to looking at it from a curious perspective. In turn I was surprised to see this side of him.

We had both felt the same way about our son making all the noise. I’m always sharing what I learn in scholars with my husband, he mentions how I have changed in a positive way, and he has made changes himself. But he was NOT open to the reply. He said I didn’t give you the whole story 😬. That we are constantly telling our son to keep it down and he never does. He needs to burn energy, he’s always home and doesn’t do anything.

C: my husband doesn’t want to be curious about our son’s late night actions.
T: I wish he would understand and roll with the reply. Take a different approach
F: felt like I failed
A: I listened and sympathized with him
R: didn’t agree with the solution

Since my husband didn’t agree and stuck to his story, I had a conversation with my son, husband was present, and came up with solutions. There was no yelling and it came from a compassionate place. It felt good to me.

How can I help my husband understand?