Resistance: Force vs Fear

I let go of my coaching business which was not very active because I didn’t feel inspired to do it anymore. I received coaching on it from scholars. I was feeling a big SHOULD. because I was relating my purpose to my biz. I now feel my purpose is to grow and expand in whatever inspires me. My biz seems like too much work ( there is some fear there ). The issue is I do feel like I want to express myself in some way but not sure what I’m passionate about. There is something pushing me that feels inspirational. Not sure what it is. But I don’t want to be avoiding either. I’m looking for clarity on how to know what is the right next step for me. Am I forcing something or am I avoiding it? I know this is something I also need to reflect on and perhaps you may not be able to answer. Self judgment is definitely under it. I know that. Thank you so much.