Resistance to acceptance

Hi, I am a double diamond in scholars, still, I feel like I need to go back to some more fundamental concepts as I am getting more and more aware of how many times my brain argues with reality and puts me in resistance mode.

For instance, I am having thoughts like: “I should not have behaved that way in the past with my body and so I would not see the consequences of those behaviors”, “My body would be different if things went a different way”, “Everything points to the fact that I cannot have back that body but I still want to”. I could list many other thoughts in this very same direction, arguing with reality.

So I try to use intentional thoughts to find acceptance. I list them here, followed by the answer that my brain pulls out:
– this has happened –> “and I don’t want it”
– Things were supposed to go this way –> “I dont believe this”
– Why? Why do you think this is normal and supposed to happen? –> “I compare myself to others, this did not happen to them”
– The more you don’t accept the poorer are the results you are going to get –> “results are already bad, so I dont wanna spend energy to go to acceptance”
– You will spend even more energy –> “I don’t care”
So I would like to ask you if you could refresh my mind of what thoughts you generally offer clients to try to play with to find acceptance. What seem to be strong arguments that push me far from acceptance are expectations, based on: my past experience, my projection to the future, comparison to others. How to process them? Thanks for the help