Result line not proving the thought line

Hi Brooke,

I know in your self coaching 101 book you indicate that the result line not proving the thought line is a beginner’s issue. However, I really think the result line is correct (after all, that is what is happening….) in so many of my models. So the thought line must be wrong.. but again, it’s the thought that I caught myself thinking. I get this type of inconsistency a lot, so I thought I’d ask you to look at one.

C: I write horror stories and romantic erotica.
T: I would like to self publish but I must be nuts. If I put that stuff out there and the people at work read it, they will judge me and I don’t need my team carrying those ideas in their heads when I’m working with them. They will for sure confuse me with my fiction.
F: Fear, shame
A: Buffer, buffer, stop just shy of finishing any of my novel revisions, start another book
R: Never put myself out there.

So does that result actually prove the thought line?

And by the way, just having the above model is huge for me b/c I got to it by working through the positive belief that if I lost weight ( my perennial project) that there would really be nothing stopping me and I could do really anything, including publish my work and BAM… here came this model. So… that’s… why I’m buffering….. WHOA.. because my life would be “this” close to perfect??? Come ON!! I failing now to ensure I fail. Brilliant.