Result that is same as thought?

Aren’t the results we get in models supposed to be basically the same as our thought? I sometimes wonder if I’m filling the model incorrectly when that doesn’t happen exactly.

Are they correct (our thoughts and results) and self-fulfilling as long as they are directly connected?

Sometimes they are the exact fulfillment word for word of the thought we had in the model and other times they are just correlated? I run into this problem or question most often when it is just a negative thought that’s more like regret or linking/wishing etc.

C House for sale with 5 acres
T I really wish we could afford it!
F Depressed
A Weighs me down in my mind- sad inside
R Don’t show up as my best self.

This model above still helps me but when coaching others, do you just help them see how they are coordinated since the thought is not the exact self-fulfillment of the result like this model is:
C: I have a child
T my child is stubborn
F frustrated
A impatient and demand obedience
R: child is more stubborn because I’m pushy