Results to create that are not measurable

My understanding of results are that they can be measured, are real, factual and are new circumstances. This is easy for me to see with my business there is a podcast created or not, I wrote the job description or not…

I am allowing for confusion when it comes to relationship results. I have the result of being married for 19 years. That is created no problem…just don’t get divorced. I want my result line to include a feeling but that goes back into in after a thought.
C: Married for 19 years
T: I love my husband!
F: loving
A: I listen, respect, honor myself and him.
R: … we are married 19 years and a day?

C: Married for 19 years
T: My husband is an angry grump all the time.
F: Defensive
A: I make assumptions about what he wants, criticize, be moody
R…we are married 19 years and a day?

I am missing something here in the result line. What else can I put here?