Results Within My Control?

I’m trying to figure out what results are in my control and what are not.
For example, from seeing others’ coaching and models, it seems to be okay to put:
R – Fifteen clients sign up for my program
But not (because her actions are not in my control):
R – My mother agrees to look after my children one day per week
(These are both hypothetical situations, I don’t have a business or a mother nearby, I’m trying to first make sense of the concept without putting my own situations in which have more emotions involved)

In my mind, I keep arguing for the possibility of putting anything in the R line, even someone else’s actions. In both cases above, it seems to me that they are are both related to someone else’s actions so they should both be possible R lines. The hypothetical person takes action (creates an opt in, offers good value, etc etc based on corresponding feelings & thoughts) that gets clients to sign up, or the hypothetical person takes action (has conversations with her mother, removes obstacles as needed such as bringing the children to her mothers house instead of expecting her mother to travel, etc etc based on corresponding feelings & thoughts) that gets the desired result from her mother.
What do you think? Can we put anything in the R line? Is there a boundary between what is or isn’t in our control?

What about Law of Attraction? It seems to pronounce that anything is within our control based on our thinking & feeling, even the way that other people act & react.