I Rewrote My Life Story To Look More Valuable

Hi Brooke,

When I first met my husband I was living in my birth country and he was visiting on a business trip. At the time (seven years ago) I felt he might not see me as valuable and so I rewrote my background story and told him I have a different background than I actually had.

He seemed fascinated by that story and before I knew it, we were dating few more times, he proposed and we are now married for six years.

I noticed that each time we are planning to spend time around my family I get anxious because I am afraid that somehow he will bring the subject of that made-up story and find out that it’s not true.

I must have had plenty of possibilities to reveal to him my lie but did not have the emotional tools I have today to face the possible consequences.

More and more I feel that I just have to tell him once and for all, because he deserves to know the truth and because if the only reason I am not telling is because I fear shame and divorce, these are never good reasons not to tell.

So I am thinking of telling him the truth. I feel it is the better option than for him to find out someday and face me with questions and more anger.
Do you think it is the right choice?