Dear Brooke

I have been married for 25 years, a massive achievement! and never had a ring, I am also turning 50 this year also. My husband and I decided to have a ring made for me to celebrate these 2 milestones. We went to a local bespoke jeweller and specified local gold. We went through quite a big process of choosing the ring style by having wax moulds made, I also chose a blue diamond. It turns out that the blue diamond is not natural, but has been chemically enhanced/treated which is absolutely not what I wanted (we only found out when the jeweller was resizing the ring, when she heated it, the stone turned green – its real colour) I then had to accept that the diamond was not going to be natural but treated, when a new blue ‘diamond’ was fitted, I later found that it had a ‘scratch’ on the top, I asked the jeweller about it and she said that it was a natural occlusion and one must expect these kinds of features/flaws in a natural stone. I kind of hate the ring, its just not what I wanted, the style is different than I chose, the diamond is not natural but enhanced and it also has a ‘scratch’ on the top. I have had numerous discussions with the jeweller who has said:
1. She has made no money from this ring project
2. I should just be happy and proud of the ring and accept it the way it is
3. That she has already spent too much time on it
4. That I’ve changed my mind
5. That I am to fussy and need to accept that it will always be a bit different than expected as its bespoke rather than off the shelf

I am not sure if I just need to force myself to love the ring by modelling and just accept it as it is, put it down to experience etc or if I need to keep going back to her and try to get the ring remade in the way that I wanted it done. I feel disappointed that my ring has not turned out the way I thought it would and that I don’t like the end result. I also feel very guilty, like I am too fussy, or difficult, or that I change my mind, or can’t be pleased. I don’t think I can face going back to the jeweller as I feel like I am a huge pain in the arse for her and she has turned her back on this project anyway and just wants to move on. I totally understand that she has done her best and worked hard and now wants to move on. I want to move on too.

C ring
T this is not the ring I wanted or expected and I don’t like the end result at all and the diamond is a fake with a scratch
F very disappointed
A discuss with the jeweller why I am not happy, eg scratch on the top of the stone and style
R barrage of emails, no end result, disappointment all round

C Ring
T its different than I expected but I can grow to love it scratch and all
F accepting
A tell jeweller I have accepted the ring as it is
R we both move on

Your thoughts are hugely appreciated, thank you