"Rules" for thought downloads

I came upon the video where Brooke is guiding her son through a thought download. She says to him, “One thought per line” and this blew my mind. In the past, I’ve done my thought downloads as stream-of-consciousness journaling. Now, for the past few days, doing thought downloads as “one thought per line” — wow, the thoughts are SO much more self-critical. The self-criticism was always there in my previous format.  But my previous format (stream-of-consciousness journaling) was really upon reflection, more like ruminating.

Now, with one-though-per-line, the self-criticism is brought into high relief. And (obviously), therefore so much more helpful! More “helpful” in terms of picking a thought and taking it into the model process.  There’s no real question here. Rather, this is a request for your comment on the two different ways I’ve described of doing my thought downloads (and any other ways of doing a thought download that you want to share with me). Thank you.