Sabotage on the weekends.

Brooke, I manage to stay on my protocol Mon through to Friday. I don’t eat processed food, no sugar, lactose, caffeine, or processed carbs, but then on the weekend I overeat. It’s only one meal per day I overeat on- when I’m out seeing friends, but it seems to undo all the good I did in the week. I’ve tried watching my thoughts when I overeat and I can’t seem to find the thought causing my action. I have a guess it’s connected to loneliness. I’m 31 and single and haven’t been lucky in love. Sundays are horrible because that’s usually couple time for my friends. I’ve tried a million things to do on Sundays to get fulfillment – gallery, workshop, meet up, work, exercise, see friends, but it doesn’t cut it. So not only do I feel lonely, I then feel guilt, shame and anger at myself for eating, and also frustration that those 2 meals on the weekend are enough to undo 5 days of good. What would you suggest?