More salad dressing Q’s

You answered to someone else “Be careful of sugar free dressings because they often have artificial sweeteners that could cause insulin response and cravings.”

Which artificial sweeteners cause insulin response and cravings? I thought I heard you say in SO that artificial sweeteners are ok. Also, I was checking some salad dressings in my fridge and here are some results. Are any of these Ok?
#1. Water then raspberries then Honey is third ingredient. Sugar is 5th. Do raspberries or honey count as a sugar for these first three ingredient purposes?
#2. Pomegranate juice concentrate is 3rd. Plus other juice concentrates after that. Are juice concentrates considered a sugar for these purposes?
#3 same as #2 but pear juice concentrate instead of Pom and NO other juice concentrates

When we are looking for “sugar” as not being in the first three ingredients, is it actually the word sugar we are looking for or anything that is a real or artificial sweetener (such as those described here)?