Scale thoughts

Please can you help me with my thoughts and feelings I have when I weigh myself in the morning. I have been weighing myself daily for many years. I lost my weight and got down to goal weight and then regained some and am back to losing again. I think I’m one of those people Brooke speaks about that depends on the scale for motivation which might have contributed to me regaining the weight when I was at goal weight. (when i tried previously to give up weighing myself it was really hard- i think i depend on the scale to give me a boost/dopamine hit)
Brooke says we must weigh ourselves so it will bring up all the thinking so I need help with what it brings up.
When i weigh in and it is down from the day before I am automatically cheerful, optimistic. I know its because of a thought but its so subconscious that sometimes it take me a while to realise why im in such a good mood. I think the thoughts that might come up are ‘this is good’ ‘I am good’ ‘This is working’. I feel motivated, proud of myself, energised.
But when I weigh myself and it is up, like this morning, everything seems greyer and more hopeless.
I’ve tried to access the thoughts that cause that thinking: what comes up is ‘I can’t believe I’m back here again’, ‘this is not good’, ‘I’m failing’
most of the time its a feeling of disappointment, or frustration.
I realised I have an underlying thought that says I can’t be proud of myself unless I’m at goal weight.
Even though I am trying really hard to think thoughts like ‘this is a fluctuation’, ‘this no is neutral’ ‘this is just what I weigh today’
I guess i’m still not getting that the no. on the scale is neutral.
It affects my morning, the way I interact with my husband, and ultimately what I might eat in the day as I have a much stronger urge to buffer when I’m feeling like that.
My main goal is to free myself from weight and food drama and I think focusing on my thoughts around my eating and getting my protocol dialled in and as automatic as possible is the path to that. Focusing on my weight and letting it dictate my mood is not helping.
Please can you help me to do this in a better way.