Hi Brooke, I am working on developing an intentional model for money. My unintentional is:
C- Money
T- I do not have enough money.
F- Scarcity
A- Spend money I do have and at time impulsively. Not take the time to save for the things I want.
R- Look in bank account and see no money. Have nothing in savings.

Intentional Model
C- Money
T-I have money.
A-Not spend in a place of scarcity, but not be in a place of abundance yet either.
R-Look in bank account at see money.

Right now, I need a very neutral thought. I struggle SO much with my thoughts about not having enough money. I went through the Million Dollar exercise and even a million wasn’t enough! Is there anything in the model intentional model I can change to make it better? Also, my fear is that once start moving towards thoughts of abundance, I’ll start spending money I don’t need to spend. I think you did talk about that thought in a video. You had said that it ends up being the opposite because you’ll have thoughts of abundance, but not want to spend it? Is that correct? Thank you, thank you, thank you!