Scarcity around money

Hi Coaches,

I’m in CCP and starting to offer my programs at a rate, and am having such a hard time. It feels comfortable to charge $50/hour, because I feel like I give that much value. But that is SO low and not what I want to charge. But even moving up to $100/hour seems scary (which would only be $600 for 6 sessions). I think the work I’m doing with my clients is really powerful, but I have so much shit around money. I want to be charging thousands of dollars for my coaching in the near future, but I can’t get there with the mindset I have now. I’ve done the money course, but found my issue is with letting go of money. I’m afraid to see it leave, so I have a hard time asking others to leave their own money. I don’t know where to go with this… I feel like I’ve been working on getting out of scarcity for so long and I don’t know if I should be working on my value and what I think of it, or working on my money and what I think of it, or something else… I really need help.