Scarcity Mentality

Hey – I want to quit my job and start my coaching business full time, but I am sooo in scarcity mentality. I keep telling myself not to get used to any of the “nice” things I have now, because they might not last. I tell myself not to get used to having my car, because I might not always have it. Don’t get used to financial stability, because you won’t always have it. Don’t buy flowers at the grocery store, you won’t be able to maintain this. Don’t get used to the gym, it’s not essential, don’t get attached. Don’t upgrade your seat on the plane, you won’t always have that luxury, it’s better not to know what you’re missing.

I live my entire life this way, and it’s painful. I’m going to try a model. I know that is my thoughts that are creating my pain, not the circumstance.

C Scarcity mentality
T Don’t get too attached, you might not always have it
F Constricted
A Don’t buy things, live without, don’t enjoy the things I do have
R Can you help me with the R line?

It feels really like this is about fear of losing things. How can I get out of this?