A little epiphany…

But first, let me just make sure I’m understanding this right:

If I have self-compassion for myself ALWAYS – ie: I never harshly punish or criticize or discipline myself – I can do ANYTHING I want? There would be nothing holding me back, because the only thing I’m REALLY afraid of is the harsh criticism I put upon myself.

I’m trying to buildup the COURAGE to fully launch my business, and am finding it very difficult. I think that might be because most of my fears are around the way I will treat MYSELF if things don’t go according to my manual. I’m afraid that if I fail and have to get a corporate job, that I’m a loser and I will absolutely rip myself to sheds if that happens. I’m scared of that experience. But if I promised and practiced NOT ripping myself to shreds, there would no longer truly be any reason not to go all in.

Am I understanding this piece of mind-blowing information correctly?