Scarcity thinking on Time

Just finishing my first month and scholars, doing with all downloads and models has shown me that I have scarcity thinking around time.
Frequent thoughts are:
I don’t have enough time
“This” is going to take too long
This will take too long
I don’t have enough time to figure this out
I don’t know how long this is going to take
I don’t have enough time to do this by the deadline

This is impacting me hard now because of a new job responsibility the circumstance is that I still have my old job responsibilities plus the new job responsibilities.
I am making this mean that I don’t have enough time and that I can’t get everything done and that everything is gonna take a long time and I’m gonna have to work weekends. And that’s exactly what’s happening.
I see how my thinking about this causes me to be angry, resentful overwhelmed, and frustrated. But that is not stopping the tsunami of emotion. I feel like I want to quit every day.

During my one on one coaching session my coach asked me to consider the fact that I want to be overwhelmed, angry, and frustrated. Or rather that my brain wants to be. then our session ended.
Can you expand on that?
What are some better thoughts I can think?
Can you point me to the resources that can teach me more about scarcity thinking?
Thank you!