Scared of not being aligned as a coach in discussions with friends

I was at a party with friends and started talking about my passion for coaching and the human brain when we were talking about the OCD of a friend’s little sister. I’m afraid that by giving my opinion on this, others will say “who does she think she is with her coaching, she didn’t even study psychology or medicine”. And I agree with them – my training as a coach is certainly not a substitute for medicine and a psychiatrist to deal with obsetional behavioral problems. But I told my friend that for me to say that a person who has OCD / who has been diagnosed as “high potential” and “hypersensitive” has a disability – that can be heavy and have a negative connotation. But I think I offended her and I think I may have said something that is not in line with my coaching ethics. If it serves her to think her sister has a disability, I should let her. Clearly I am beating myself up right now and that tell myself that I suck as a coach because I don’t know enough about the technical aspects of the psychological level and that I judged what she said and may have offended her when I would rather hold the space for her.

I feel a little bit ashamed and full of regret, on the one hand I tell myself that I should apologize and on the other hand I tell myself that I just gave an opinion – I didn’t insist either or try to convince her – but I don’t know why I feel so bad and I really associate it to the fact that I am not a good coach and not ready to have clients who pay me 880 euros for my program.

A little coaching would be nice! Thanks a lot!