Scared to quit my job

Hello, I’m new to scholars and this is my first question.
I have a strong drive to be self-employed which leads to me being unsatisfied with my work and at school.
At the moment I’m in a paid internship while attending computer science school and high school.
I had a troublesome relationship with school and work in the past and quit high school as well as an internship once before. Because I just quit out of laziness it didn’t go well. This made me risk-averse in that regard. As this is past focused shouldn’t I try to overcome that?

I would like some help as to how to best think about the decision process. Here is my model:
C: I am in an internship and in school
T: This won’t lead to my dream life
F: Pressure
A: Scrambling for other options and ideas
R: I am unfocused at work/school and unhappy

Positive alternative:
C: I am in an internship and in school
T: This is exactly where I should be
F: Excitement
A: Showing up 100%
R: Success at work and at school

As you can see the positive option makes my life better, but still doesn’t lead to my best life.