scared to take on client

Hi coaches. So I have a question. I recently got asked by a client who has fibromyalgia to do weight loss coaching with them. Although I have a disclaimer that I do not claim to treat or cure any diagnosed illnesses, I always recommend that for diagnosed illnesses that they consult with a licensed health care practitioner. I am having some mental drama about this.

I am a coach and coach people on weight loss. I always make it clear on my role and what I do. In my disclaimer, I state that I am not a doctor/dietician or claiming to be. I don’t tell my clients what they should eat (meal plans etc) instead, give them some general healthy guidelines such as eat more veggies etc. but work more on listening to their body.

This client does not want me to treat/cure her medical illness. Instead she was merely telling me that she has it as a backstory.

I’m not sure why, but my brain keeps having this terrible thought.

T: You’re not qualified to deal with a person with any medically diagnosed illnesses. Even if you aren’t treating it/curing it, its best that you don’t take on clients like these to avoid any legal complications
F: anxious
A: Turn away clients
not confident in self
not confident in my ability
don’t advertise
feel inadequate
R: Don’t get enough clients and fearful to take on any other future ones

Please could you help coach me on this. It shows up in so many ways that I just don’t feel qualified and constantly have this irrational fear of running into legal woes (even although I always make it clear what I am about and what my role is).