Screwing Up

I’m in pain. Yesterday I had on my schedule a meeting with one person I was trying to partner with in my business. I met this person through my mentor and she said we could be great together to build a course. Than I thought we had scheduled this meeting and she thought we hadn’t. I usually don’t confirm before because I thought I did not need to. So I told her that I really honor my commitments and that we should get clear next time. She started interpreting things in a way as if I was accusing her of not being reliable and how rigid I am with my schedule and how wrong I am. That was not what I said. Now I can’t stop thinking how horrible I am and I just want to fix things. I want to send her a message to fix everything. I shouldn’t have assumed and I should have confirmed things because now she thinks I’m horrible. I try to explain that I acted from a place of had scheduled that meeting. And she from the place of not having that on her schedule. I was right and she was right. I’m so embarrassed, ashamed and hurt. What a thought download! I need some guidance please of how to coach myself through this. Thank you so much!