SCS enrollment and scarcity money mindset


I am new to SCS, I enrolled last week. I made the choice of joining because after listening to the podcasts for 3 months, I felt it was time for me to go deeper into Brooke’s teachings.

I hesitated quite some time though because money is my most problematic area in life and I feel like I don’t earn that much and don’t have a lot of savings. In this perspective, enrolling really made me uncomfortable because it represents a lot of money compared to my current income. But I told myself, it’s because you spend that much money on yourself now that you will be able to earn it back and much more.

At the beginning, these thoughts kept me focused and motivated to look through the content of the program. I started to work eagerly on the booklet coaching 101 to better handle the model before going forward to the money program.

But now I find myself feeling overwhelmed because I feel like I don’t go through the basic content fast enough and if financially things don’t change soon for me, I will have to cancel my subscription without having reached my goals.

So that makes me anxious and overwhelmed with all the content available. I really do feel like I need to strengthen my basics before I can get to my core problems but what if I can’t increase my income or decrease my expenses fast enough to stay in the program?

And now I see the program for the month and feel even more overwhelmed because there is even more I want to do !

Any advice would be great.
Thank you so much!