SCS Replays as a way to Study Coaching

Hi Brooke! Thanks for your last answer about prioritizing mortgage prepayments vs. investing/spending in other ways. I’ve decided that I want to prioritize our mortgage because this is a commitment I’ve already made and it feels really exciting to me to think about accomplishing it.

I also love SCS and want to get as much value as I can from it, including using it to help learn coaching techniques. I was thinking that I could watch replays of the calls to study how you coach. When I watch the calls now, I identify with the students and think about how the coaching applies to me. This has been great for coaching myself. Now I want to go back and watch to pay attention to YOU and the coaching techniques you are using.

Any advice for how best to do this? I was thinking about taking notes or maybe pausing before you talk and trying to guess what you will say next. 🙂

Thanks in advance – loving the program!