SCS WINS – First 2 clients and getting past overwhelm

Hi Brooke! I wanted to share a success I had this week, many thanks to the March homework for SCS. My new belief this month is around becoming a life coach.

I have been toying with the idea of offering coaching as part of my current corporate job. Last week, I had an idea for a 7-part program called “More Value, Less Stress.” I wrote down my idea and then got overwhelmed with thoughts like – I don’t know how to coach, when will I find the time for this, what if people think it’s stupid, etc. But, instead of getting bogged down in that, I sent a short email to my leadership team (about 9 people) describing the program and offering two 1:1 coaching slots. I got two replies in the first 10 minutes! So… now I have two coaching clients to serve as part of my “day job”!

Then I got overwhelmed again this weekend thinking about creating material, practicing, would I post this on my blog, etc. I’ve found it really helpful to just focus on doing “B- work to get it done.” I was able to create a mini-workbook on the first session and post a video to my blog ( ). I felt like I could not do this because I’m too busy and I don’t have all my shit together. But, I ended up just taking a video with my 1-year old sitting on my lap, dressed in my hoodie, and not worrying about it.

I love the idea of just starting to create and knowing that you will learn, progress, and become more polished along the way!

Thank you for SCS. I love it.